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RDI, Constant innovation

We are a partner with extensive know-how and top-level technology solutions. Thanks to our engineering team and partners, we are developing the cranes of the future.

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JASO’s own technology, developed to help you meet the challenges of your project

Cabin designed to optimise the crane operator’s viewing and comfort.

Our energy saving system optimises your tower crane fleet and electrical installation.

Safety PLC, pre-installed anti-collision system, double caliper brake, multiple sensors and safety elements. A full pack to ensure your safety.

Increase your tower crane’s load lifting capacity by up to 10%.

Customised paintwork service for new cranes and those already in your fleet. Other customisations such as electrical pre-installations to adapt your LED panels.

Optional high-power motors to optimise lifting speed.

We design and manufacture our own tower crane lift for ease and speed of climbing and/or maintenance.

JASO’s full in-house development for detailed diagnosis of your tower crane and reduction of your OPEX expenses.

We have a full range of climbing solutions. Bracing frames, climbing frames, rigging towers with their hydraulic mechanisms and Lift Shaft Climbing System.

Our tower cranes are designed to optimise transport costs.

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Evolving construction methods have led us to develop a new range of high-capacity luffing and low top cranes.

Climbing system for high-rise buildings

We have developed an innovative solution for high-rise building. Lift Shaft Climbing Systems is a three beam climbing system that enables quick climbing with a full safety guarantee.

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Cabin visibility & comfort

Our cabins are built to prioritise the crane operators’ comfort and viewing. Also, for ease of installation, we send the cabin pre-assembled on its access platform.

Eco mode. Jaso sustainable technology

We have developed ECO Mode, a system to reduce the lifting mechanism’s consumption when the crane handles loads weighing less than its maximum capacity, meaning greater energy savings.

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State-of-the-art crane monitoring controls. This 4.0 platform allows more precise control of the crane’s status, safety and functioning, for increased productivity and profitability.

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Projects around the world, new releases, our latest technology, upcoming events, videos… All the information about JASO Tower Cranes is here.

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