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Who we are

We are committed to serving society, our workers, our customers and ensuring a sustainable environment.

Who we

"We build the cranes that build the world”, but that’s not all. We are also commited to maintaining the foundations of our business, our customers, our people, the environment and workplace safety.

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People are Our core

People are the driving force of our company

We know that we are recognised worldwide for our pioneering technology as a result of the exceptional work and dedication of our people.

Our ambitious management highlights the need for communication, professional development and teamwork, as this boosts the continuous improvement of our organisation. To do this, we develop positive working relationships based on equality and encouraging our workers’ to be actively involved.

Besides, we are a second-generation Basque family grown organisation (1965) and we are confident that our corporate social responsibility policy has inherited unique values. We are proud to say that we are developing, capturing and retaining exceptional talent.

“So once again, to the entire team: thank you very much for your passion and loyalty."

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Equipo Jaso

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Health and safety at work

Working with commitment means we pledge to guarantee the health and safety of all our partners, so JASO provides a totally safe and healthy working environment for all workers, suppliers and customers. How? By taking preventive measures aimed to avoid risks. We aim for consistency between the organisation and its working conditions, social relationships and the influence of environmental factors.

Of all the measures adopted by our Health and Safety Culture, one of the most notable is the “Stop Work Policy”. This policy guarantees that any worker that detects a possible risk will give priority to notify the organisation that a solution will be found before work resumes.

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Commitment to the environment

JASO is Green in every way: from the symbolic green paintwork of our tower cranes to the work we do towards reducing our carbon footprint, our fight against climate change and our pursuit of energy efficiency and minimising waste.

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sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Our sustainable development goals

As part of our corporate social responsibility policy, we have a social and environmental action plan to contribute to a brighter world.

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Projects around the world, new releases, our latest technology, upcoming events, videos… All the information about JASO Tower Cranes is here.

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