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Refurbishment of the old tobacco factory

20 / 09 / 2020

JASO Tower Cranes worked on the conversion of the old tobacco factory to the International Centre for Contemporary Culture in San Sebastian


Big capacity cranes were required to place heavy prefabs and beams inside the building, with slewing and trolley reach limiters in order to avoid the eventual over-flying of the trail tracks nearby the building. In addition, a specific erection time was requested.


JASO team erected two high capacity and fast J300 cranes to shorten the global operating time. These cranes were equipped with sophisticated slewing and trolley reach limiter system to avoid the eventual contact with the train overhead lines. As requested, JASO expert rigger team erected the two cranes in a record time of 2 days, despite the limited space available on site and the complexity of the job.

Again, JASO managed to meet customer needs, providing high capacity cranes with additional safety features and keeping the tight erection schedule.