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J780PA release in Australia

20 / 09 / 2020

JASO’s largest crane participates in the construction of ‘The Ribbon’, the project that will transform Sydney’s skyline


The Darling Harbor area is undergoing a major change with the works of the building designed by Hassell studio. With the inauguration scheduled for 2020, ‘The Ribbon’ will be the new gateway to the city’s business centre.

In a project of such magnitude, it is necessary to use tower cranes capable of operating with large loads in a very small space. To date, the limitations of electric cranes were not an alternative to the use of diesel models for this type of work.


JASO, in collaboration with Titan Cranes, has produced the first J780PA unit, which is considered one of the largest electric cranes on the market. This Luffing model is positioned as the best option for jobs such as the construction of ‘The Ribbon’.

There are two versions of the tower crane, the first one with a maximum capacity of 75 t, a range of 70 meters and a 220 kW engine. The second model, the J780PA.64, can lift up to 64 t.

The assembly of the J780PA has been really fast, assembled in less than 3 days in a very small space.

In 2018 2 units of this new model will be produced, although the forecasts point to an increase in global demand in the coming years thanks to the unique characteristics of the J780PA.