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First solar thermal plant in Latin America

20 / 09 / 2021

Two JASO cranes have provided an excellent solution on the largest solar thermal project in South America


For the construction of this 270 metre tower, the use of a single tower crane with great load capacity was proposed. This crane had to be assembled by scaling on the façade of the building.

However, the complications that arose during the execution of the work led to JASO Tower Cranes and HEAVY DUTY, its exclusive representative for Chile, intervening on the jobsite for the first time and proposing a solution that would be viable. A solution never before considered.


The novel approach by JASO Tower Cranes and HEAVY DUTY enabled the work to go ahead.

Among the large number of cranes that HEAVY DUTY has available, two J36MAC were selected and specially adapted to deal with the complex situation. The solution was achieved by making the following modifications to the cranes:

  • Adapting both cranes to operate with only 15m booms
  • Modifying the bases so that the cranes could be placed at the strategically selected point
  • Re-dimensioning of drums, reducers, motors and load lifting brakes

In this way, two J36MACs with 2T maximum load and 36m boom did an excellent job of working with only 15m of boom supported on a sliding ladder and with a drum capable of housing enough cable to work to 270m in height.

This brilliant solution is the result of many years of close partnership between JASO Tower Cranes and HEAVY DUTY. Undoubtedly, the great experience of both parties in extremely complex projects enables HEAVY DUTY to provide solutions that very few others are capable of.