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Cranes for environmental research

20 / 09 / 2018

Six City Cranes make up part of EucFACE, the largest experiment on climate change in Australia


The objective of the project, which is being carried out by Western Sydney University in partnership with the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, is to assess how the increase in atmospheric CO2 will affect our ecosystems in the future.

This analysis needed to be performed from a high position, which required a machine capable of lifting people above the trees and of causing the least possible disturbance to the surroundings.


It was an unusual project for the company as the cranes had to raise cages with people, instead of lifting features that we normally see in most construction work.

For this purpose, 6 customized J4010 City Cranes with a series of amendments were provided. On the one hand, mechanisms and components were adapted to lift the scientists and other features of the crane were redesigned so that the equipment would be completely environmentally friendly.

To provide the greatest level of safety for people, a special hoisting mechanism was developed to integrate a clamping brake, frequency converter to allow a very smooth movement and a load limiter to adapt the mechanism to the particular needs. The cranes were equipped with stainless steel wire ropes, electric motors with higher protection degree and an “anti-climbing” system to restrict access to equipment. In addition, a special paint system was used to ensure the life of the paint in that particular environment.

Also, in order to reduce the impact on the natural environment, the cranes have an special anchorage particularly designed for this project. In addition, all wiring is perfectly channeled and access raised above the ground level so that the ecosystem will not suffer any alteration.

Once again, JASO has provided a novel solution that meets customer requirements: safety in lifting people and safety for the environment.