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Barangaroo, Sydney’s large ambitious urban renewal project

20 / 03 / 2019

JASO Tower Cranes working at Australia’s gateway to the world. This project represents one of the most important city renewal projects on the Sydney waterfront.


Reduce climbing phases and optimize total construction time. Need for cranes with a high load capacity, corrosion resistant, and adapted to the job site to minimize their visual impact on the City’s skyline. Ability to adapt multiple cranes in restricted work areas and provide te most sustainable solution for environment and highest performance level of safety available in tower cranes.


JASO designed a unique lift shaft climbing systems and 2 meters square mono block tower leg sections to reduce climbing stages. The project has 14 units, some with maximum capacities of 24t (52,900 lbs.) and 36 t (79,400 lbs.). Luffing jib cranes are employed, and several of them operate with the special lift shaft climbers. This project is one of the world’s most prestigious urban redevelopment projects, and by far, the largest city renewal project in Australia. JASO’s tower crane engineers teamed with its distributor in Australia to offer the best solution among the competition.