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24 Top Line cranes at the new Felipe Ángeles Airport in Mexico

20 / 09 / 2021

Eight J150.10 and sixteen J300N cranes build the passenger terminal of the new ‘Mexico International Airport’.


The Santa Lucia Military Air Base in the State of Mexico is going to be renamed the Felipe Angeles International Airport, one of the most important projects being undertaken by the current Mexican government.

The Ministry of National Defence has trusted our official distributor Espamex, based on their experience and recognised technical capacity in this type of project to carry out this transformation.


Espamex’s engineering department determined that Top Line cranes were the most suitable for this project, for two main reasons:

  • They required cranes with a minimum capacity of nine tonnes, since the passenger terminal building is built with metal beams and columns with weights of approximately nine tonnes.
  • They also required cranes that could cover an average working radius of 45 metres.

To cover the area in which the project is going to be developed in the most efficient way, Espamex, are using their experience on this type of project to provide the best solutions and proposed the combined use of cranes with translation and fixed cranes, taking advantage of the versatility of JASO cranes. 

As a result of this the cranes supplied for this project were: 

  • Eight J150.10 cranes all of which have a travel system.
    This model has a maximum load of 10 tonnes, 65 metres of reach and a tip load of 1,600 kg
  • Sixteen J300N cranes, six of which have a travel system.
    This model stands out for having a lifting capacity of 12 tonnes, 75 metres of reach and a tip load of 2,700 kg.

Today the works are progressing at a good pace, already exceeding 40% of the build.

The Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, will land on the runway for the first time on 19 February 2021, thus bringing the first phase of the project to a close. However, it will not be until 21 March 2022 that the terminal at Felipe Ángeles International Airport will be officially opened.