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11 JASO cranes are involved in the building of a new district in San Sebastian

20 / 09 / 2019

Construction work in Txomin Enea has started, the most significant urban development operation to take place in the capital of Gipuzkoa in recent years


The Amenabar Construction firm, in charge of carrying out the transformation of 160,000m2 in a residential area located between Loiola and Martutene, requested several cranes from us in order to build the housing blocks and the different buildings for schools and cultural and sports facilities that this new district will provide residents.


Due to the magnitude of the project, to date, JASO has supplied 11 cranes; 7 City Cranes and 4 Top Line. The combination of both families of cranes has made it possible to meet the requirements of the client, as the models currently working on site are those that best adapt to the load and ranges required.

Construction work, now in its first phase, is expected to be completed late next year. Without a doubt, JASO cranes will continue to contribute to the development of Txomin Enea and San Sebastian.