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Comprehensive solutions for dismantling cranes

Recovery & Derrick Cranes

1 / 11 / 2018

Our Recovery & Derrick Cranes range has been designed to provide a solution for the dismantling of climbing cranes, offering our customers a comprehensive service.

In JASO we strive to be the perfect partner for our customers, having a series of cranes developed to cope with the challenges that arise on construction sites. We always keep in mind our motto: “Because we do not offer products, we offer solutions”.

An example of this is the Recovery & Derrick Cranes range which provides an excellent solution for dismantling climbing cranes.

For this, we have several models such as the J1125.DC, J1920.DC and J80PA.RC which can be efficiently and securely dismantled.

This range includes the versatile J80PA.RC, a crane that can be used in both dismantling operations (see illustration) and as a luffing jib crane too.

In Recovery mode it is a derrick with a maximum load of 8 tons, a reach of 30.5 m and capability of working at a height of 800 m in SR and 400 m in DR. In Luffing mode, it is similar to a J80PA, having a maximum load of 5 tons, a reach of 40 m and a maximum free-standing height of 76 m.

With this product range, JASO therefore provides an excellent solution for crane dismantling and recovery operations in high-rise buildings. A simple, safe, reliable and efficient solution.