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Quick turn-around

We develop all the components for all our cranes, therefore we can offer flexible all-round solutions to suit the different markets and local specifications.

We are known for exceptional leadtimes and we have won international recognition for transport logistics.

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Custom built

We offer solutions.

As we do our own manufacturing, it allows us to have a unlimited capability to adapt to international markets, local specifications and customers' needs. International standards: EN-14439, FEM 1001, Hong Kong Wind


Complete solutions

La más completa gama de grúas. Desde las High Top, Flat Top, Low Top y Luffings hasta sistemas de desmontaje como las Recovery crane & Derricks. Todas ellas son “full in house solutions”

  • Recovery Crane
  • Derricks
  • High Top
  • Flat Top
  • Low Top

Proficient design and durable components

These are versatile cranes designed for ease of transportation and assembly, reducing shipping costs and on-site installation time.


High-quality, resilient components which are made to last. For example our slewing ring has been acclaimed as one of the best of the market for its longevity.

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Since 1975, from Idiazabal to the world

We operate in over 70 countries in all continents.

A lot has been accomplished over the last 50 years. We have manufactured more than 16,000 cranes, become pioneers in luffing cranes and we are now one of Europe’s top 5 tower crane manufacturers. JASO was founded in the Basque Country as a family founded organization in an innovative technology-based environment with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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We contribute with Our High Top Cranes to over 80 International Port Expansion Projects with Floating Caissons

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