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Two Low Top cranes build the longest suspension bridge in South America

20 / 01 / 2021

Chacao Channel bridge, how to successfully execute the assembly of two cranes fighting through thick and thin.


For the construction of a 3 km long suspension bridge over the Chacao Canal, Hyundai required a tier one partner to provide reliable cranes together with a team with technical expertise. They were looking a company that could solve a particular problem, i.e. how to assemble two cranes in a position where beforehand, such was considered as not feasible

With this challenge on the table, our official distributor in Chile, Heavy Duty, a division of the Integral Group, was awarded the contract for this great engineering work that links Chiloé Island with the Chilean mainland.


Heavy Duty chose our Low Top range, specifically two 24 tonne J360.24 cranes for the construction of this bridge.

The assembly of the two cranes in the middle of the canal was the most complex part of the project. For the execution, Heavy Duty engineered a special base construction, which was welded to the central bridge pile liners where the two cranes were supported in their first positions. Further on in the project the cranes were moved to a new position, this time they were cast in to finish the main central bridge pylon slab.

The first crane started from an initial height of 57,5 metres. With a 55 metre long jib and a 5 tonne tip load capacity, once in place it was used to assemble the second crane at an initial height of 44,60 metres and with a 35m boom giving a tip load capacity of 12 tonnes. 

The execution was a great achievement notwithstanding the adverse and changing conditions the operators had to face. The ups and downs of the tides, the torrential rain, winds that reached up to 160km/h and the seismic condition itself put to the test the expertise and mastery of the team that lived an experience that many colleagues in the profession would have liked to live, says Daniel Corvalán, an operator of the project.

In the second stage and once the main central bridge pylon foundation has been completed the cranes will reach respectively to a maximum 188 and 176 metres in height, using just five tie backs of up to 17.5 metres long.

Congratulations once again to our partners at Integral Group for their great work