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JASO takes part in one of the largest real estate projects in Chile

20 / 10 / 2021

Six JASO cranes build the Territoria Apoquindo complex, which includes a market, shops, restaurants, leisure areas and offices.


The Echevarria Izquierdo construction company requested our official distributor in Chile – Heavy Duty, a division of GRUPO INTEGRAL, for six cranes for the macro project Territoria Apoquindo. It consists of the construction of nine levels of underground parking, a six-storey shopping centre and three towers with 20 to 23 floors each. It is a real estate development that stands 140 metres tall, which will drive entrepreneurship and employment in the Chilean capital, aside from improving transportation links due to the expansion of the Tobalaba Metro station.


A total of six cranes were assembled for this project, two of which are from the Top Line family and four from the City Cranes family, which were working at heights well above 130 metres.

Regarding the Top Line cranes, a J300 crane and a J160.10 crane with maximum load capacities of 12 and 10 tonnes, respectively were used. The first crane started from an initial height of 95 metres and reached 150 metres, while the second started working at 50 metres until it reached 140 metres.

For the City Cranes, L Series cranes with load capacities of up to 2.5 tonnes, reaching heights of over 125 metres, as well as NS Series cranes with load capacities of up to 5 tonnes, which also reached heights of 130 metres, were used. These four cranes started from initial heights of no more than 45 metres and ended up working at heights of more than 125 metres.

From all of us here at JASO, we want to congratulate INTEGRAL once again for a job well done on a project as complex as this one.