The Netherlands

Our Low Top Cranes Stand Out in The Netherlands

We contributed a J365 and a J360.24 cranes, both with a JL25 lift, to the ‘De Industrieel’ urban development project, in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.


The ‘De Industrieel’ housing complex, built on the banks of the river Zaan in Zaandam, will bring to the Amsterdam metropolitan area numerous buildings, consisting of a tower block with one hundred apartments and two penthouse suites, the other buildings being sixteen apartments, seven townhouses and one detached villa. All this in an area that was originally the site of a 19th century gasworks, the source of inspiration for the design of this urban development project is by ‘Verwelius Bouw’.

For its construction, our distributor in the Netherlands, Teka Kranen, chose our Low Top range for all its many advantages.


This construction site had both the J365 and J360.24 models, both which have a JL25 lift to allow operators and maintenance staff access to the tower crane.

Our Low Top range is easily identifiable, due to its extremely short cathead, short and sturdy single tie, that minimizes jib deflection, preserving the slewing system.

The JL25 lift, developed by JASO Elevation Systems, stands out for its compact design, where safety is paramount, and for its practical, easy, and economic installation and dismantling.

All with the aim of transforming the Zaan River into a unique residential neighbourhood.