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Nine Elms Point Project in London

20 / 09 / 2021

JASO is working on the redevelopment of Vauxhall, one of the city’s most booming districts, giving new life to the area around the old Battersea Power Station.


This project, which is being developed at a very fast pace, required a number of tower cranes to be able to meet the deadlines. Due to numerous buildings under construction simultaneously and the proximity of the railway lines, a special very reduced out-of-service system was essential in all the cranes.

In addition, due to the great height of several neighbouring buildings, a sustainable climbing system was required for reaching the necessary heights.


With nine cranes working simultaneously in various stages of the construction, use has been made of a combination of horizontal jib and luffing jib cranes to complete the work.

With some luffing jib cranes near the overhead power cable, the special out-of-service system developed by JASO Tower Cranes has been used to avoid overflying the cable.

Two cranes out of a total of eight units, J180PA and J138PA, required to climb to heights of 70 m and 125 m respectively with assembly tower. A further three luffing jib cranes will be assembled on the site adjacent to Battersea Power Station in subsequent phases of the project.