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JASO tower cranes build the two tallest towers in Mexico

20 / 09 / 2020

Our distributor Espamex took part in the construction projects for the KOI Sky Residences and Obispado Towers with JASO Tower Cranes


Since late 2019, the city of Monterrey has been home to the two tallest skyscrapers in Mexico, which also happen to be among the tallest buildings in Latin America.

KOI Sky Residences, also known as ‘KOI Tower’, was inaugurated in 2017. With 64 floors, standing at 280-metre tall. It comes second in the list of the tallest buildings in Mexico and is also in the Top six in Latin America. It is a mixed-use building that has both offices and luxury apartments.

Furthermore, the construction of the ‘Obispado Towers’ (T.OP), a complex comprising of two skyscraper towers will be completed in 2020. This will be 305-metres tall and have 71 floors, it will be the tallest building in Mexico and Latin America. It will house a new Hilton hotel, offices and condominiums.


For the construction of both high rise towers, one of the greatest challenges has been the assembly and above all the dismantling and recovery of the Top Line cranes at altitudes of around 300 m. Espamex, the JASO Tower Cranes partner and distributor in Mexico and Panama, was in charge of providing the best solution to ensure the success of this project.

For the works for the ‘KOI Tower’, in 2012, a T Series J145 tower crane, capable of lifting loads up to 8 t was installed. The internal floor climbing crane, covered the 140,000 m2 of works in record time.

In the case of the Obispado Towers, Espamex raised a BOX Series J150.10 crane, with a lifting capacity of up to 10t, to an altitude of 320m. Dismantling of the internal climbing crane was carried out with the help of three recovery derrick cranes, one of them a  J1540DC.