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Four J300N.A cranes for the new Amsterdam The Style Outlets

25 / 08 / 2019

JASO takes part in the construction of the shopping centre within the SugarCity complex


The modern, post-industrial zone of SugarCity—an old sugar factory that has been turned into a multipurpose centre—will be home to one of the most important commercial areas in the Amsterdam metropolitan area beginning Autumn 2020.

The outlet centre, managed by the multinational company Neinver, will have 18,000 m2 of retail space, as well as 1,000 m2 devoted to restaurants and bars. Construction is currently underway for a two-storey car park with 1,450 parking spaces.


For the construction of Amsterdam The Style Outlets, our distributor Teka Kranen has installed a total of four J300N.A cranes in order to meet the project’s demands.

The high-performance Top Line tower crane model belongs to the T Series and is characterised by its high capacity for handling heavy loads. With a range of 75 m, this crane has a maximum load capacity of 12 t and 2,700 kg at the tip.