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10 JASO cranes for the new Termibus

20 / 09 / 2021

JASO participates in the construction of the new bus station in Bilbao


The new Termibus terminal is scheduled to open during autumn 2019 and will occupy an area of 12,500m2 spread over four floors, which will be below ground level. The terminal will also have an underground car park for 500 vehicles, as well as a new square on the surface and an 11-storey building that will house a hotel, a student residence, fitness centre and shopping mall.

The project began in early 2017 with the dismantling of the existing Termibus terminal which meant provisionally moving all bus services to the station on Garellano Square.

Excavation work took place up to the end of 2018, then work started with the building of the structure using precast concrete slabs each weighing between 3,000 and 3,500 kg began, using several tower cranes was necessary.


During the initial stages of the project, JASO Tower Cranes installed a total of eight J110N tower cranes with jib lengths of 30 m and 35 m to lift and distribute the precast slabs quickly and safely at the job site.

These cranes are gradually being dismantled in order to proceed with the new terminal building on top with the assistance of an additional two tower cranes J110N and J140N.