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JASO participates in the SEAPOWER Offshore Wind Project


14 / 04 / 2021

We are collaborating with eight other companies from the Basque region in the development of innovative technologies and solutions for the new generation of high-power offshore wind turbines.

JASO Tower Cranes, through its JASO Elevation Systems division, is part of the SEAPOWER project, which seeks to promote collaborative research and development of technologies and solutions for offshore wind structures, towers and auxiliary systems for the new large diameter XXL offshore turbines.

This is the first large-scale collaboration in the offshore wind field that aims to address some of the main trends in the sector. The evolution of the industry towards high power turbines is a challenge for all the elements that make up offshore wind farms.

JASO, as a specialist in lifting systems, provides an innovative solution for wind tower lifts, one of the most important auxiliary elements in terms of safety, as they are used for maintenance technicians to access the nacelle (a cover housing that houses all of the generating components in a wind turbine, including the generator, gearbox, drive train, and brake assembly).

In addition to the maintenance work itself, thanks to our rack-and-pinion system, which does not require the tower to be completely finished in order to install the elevator, we can help and accompany the assembly phase, thus facilitating the joining of the tower sections and even the nacelle itself to the tower.

One of our objectives has been to respond to the specific needs of offshore versus onshore wind power. To this end, a very detailed load analysis has been carried out, taking into account the dynamic coefficients and the variable forces caused by the movement of the sea.

At the design level, the risers have special surface treatments due to the hostile and saline environment. Also, the elevator has been adapted to the design of the towers proposed by SEAPOWER, as they differ from the towers currently used in fixed wind turbines.

The SEAPOWER project, financed by the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure (HAZITEK Programme) and supported by the European Regional Development Fund, is headed by SENER engineering, which will also coordinate the activities for floating solutions. IDOM will be in charge of fixed solutions, while two leading companies in the manufacture of structures, HAIZEA WIND and NAVACEL, head the packages linked to XXL towers and transition pieces, respectively.

The consortium is completed by DITREL, a developer of an innovative concept involving electrical connections to wind turbine foundations; ERREKA,  a manufacturer of fastening solutions for offshore wind farms; MUGAPE, anti-corrosion coating experts and NAUTILUS Floating Solutions, a developer of a proprietary floating platform concept. The consortium also has the support of two Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (RVCTI) centres: Tecnalia and Tekniker., as well as by the Energy Cluster.

Therefore, we are nine Basque companies that have joined forces in search of synergies to offer new solutions for offshore, to promote the competitiveness of the Basque region industry and to become first level suppliers to the offshore wind sector.