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JASO Elevation Systems at the International Wind Energy Congress RE:Wind 2022

4 / 12 / 2023

On the 7th and 8th of November we participated in RE:Wind 2022, a congress that brings together the most important players in the wind energy sector to discuss the future potential of the clean energy market

Here is the interview with Jorge Lucas, our Sales Manager:

What solutions does JASO Elevation Systems bring to the wind industry?

We are a company that provides solutions to the elevation challenges of the wind industry. We are committed to design, manufacturing and after-sales service.

How does your company respond to the demands of the wind market?

JASO Elevation Systems understands that this market is more demanding in terms of reliability, durability and safety. For example, we are required to comply with various standards in terms of functionality and safety. It is also important to offer solutions that help improve return on investment, reduce maintenance and improve safety. 

At JASO we have been thinking about all these points and have developed systems that tend to answer all these questions. For example, we know that there are different solutions based on rack and pinion, wire rope/ladder guided or assisted lifting solutions for the wind industry. At JASO we are proud to say that we offer all of them.

Could you tell us more about your company’s lifting solutions?

Let’s say if you are building your tower, with our lifts you can start working from level zero. This means that during the whole process you will use the lift to help move materials or people to each level of the construction. This greatly reduces your time. 

You can also work from the top of the lift in complete safety and control.

In addition, once the tower is built, you can use the lift for maintenance. It is important to mention that our lifts do not require any maintenance. Why? Because the Rack & Pinion system and the lift, once assembled and adjusted, last for the life of the tower, so there is no need to change parts or make readjustments.

This results in lower operating costs, reduced maintenance and therefore a faster return on investment.

How do your solutions help wind power companies?

JASO is able to tailor its solutions to provide reliability, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Our customers will be able to take advantage of the economic and operating costs over the lifetime of their tower.

What do you think of RE:Wind 2022?

I am impressed that despite being the first edition, the number of attendees is quite high. I am also very proud that JASO Elevation Systems is part of this event.

It is a great meeting to share ideas for the development of the wind energy sector, as has been demonstrated this morning with the presentations, all of them very interesting.

Another positive point I see is the way in which this event has been prepared, with the possibility of offering meetings throughout the congress. This facilitates contact between new partners.

I would like to add a special thanks to the organisation of the congress, which has been a great help to all the attendees.