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Our client needs tailored solutions

11 March 2016

Bosko Mujika, Director of R&D at JASO Tower Cranes, who over the past 25 years has contributed to the development of cranes with a high innovative and technological component, tells us about the key concepts to continue offering tower cranes with cutting edge technology and that are safe, reliable and easy to use.

What are customers looking for in a tower crane?

Our customers look for a crane manufacturer with solvency on the technical side. Therefore, at JASO Tower Cranes, we design the main components for each cranes, which means we have the necessary know-how to develop new models, new designs and new components.

We firmly believe that our knowledge in this field is vital to satisfy the needs of our customers. Being capable of offering solutions for new demands in an unrivalled time period with guarantees, makes us stand out in the market.

What does JASO offer you?

Our R&D department made up of a multidisciplinary team, focuses on technology and specific knowledge development to be able to offer cutting edge and innovative tower cranes. We like to work to offer added value, value that is already generated in the early phases of product development and that is eventually transformed into a solution for our customers.

As proof of this passion for developing new designs and models, we can mention that for many years we have been constantly launching new products. Another thing that makes us stand out is our team's strong commitment to maintaining this attitude, making it possible for JASO to continue fulfilling our customer's needs in the future.

"More than products, we offer solutions"


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