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New cranes to be presented at Bauma 2016

23 March 2016

JASO will once again be exhibiting its new developments at the 31st edition of the most important exhibition in the construction sector.

JASO Tower Cranes has had a stand at every exhibition since 1995 that its partners and anyone interested in its activities and products can visit. Bauma is yet again the meeting place for creating closer ties, generating ideas and forming alliances.

This year the teams of JASO Tower Cranes and of the recently integrated JASO Elevation Systems will be presented to the public. Specifically, two tower cranes, an electric platform or scaffolding and a tower crane elevator will be exhibited at this event.

JASO Tower Cranes chooses the J118HPA hydraulic luffing jib crane and the J265PA luffing jib crane, reinforcing the Hydraulic Luffing and Luffing crane lines that JASO Tower Cranes has been designing and manufacturing since 1996.


  • Elevation mechanism situated in the upper part of the jib.
    • Max. load: 6 t
    • Min. reach: 30 m - 4.5 t
    • Max. reach: 45 m - 1.6 t
  • Compact and extraordinarily light. Sections □1.2 m.
  • Hydraulic cylinder situated on the back side of the crane. Longer operating life.
  • Emergency brake situated on the frame where the elevation mechanism sits.
  • Reduced space required for the wind-release system. 7 m.
  • Optimised transportation - 3 lorries is enough to transport the freestanding crane.


  • Versatile and imposing load capacities:
    • Max. load: 18 t
    • Min. reach: 30 m - 11.5 t
    • Max. reach: 60 m - 2.2 t
  • Optimised luffing jib.
  • 336 m / min speed for the elevation mechanism.
  • Emergency brake situated on the frame where the elevation mechanism and the jib elevation sits.
  • Reduced space required for the wind-release system. 10 m.
  • Max. freestanding height of 73.1 m with □2.16 m sections.

Along with these, JASO Elevation Systems will exhibit two models that stand out in the market: the GP 40 classic platform and the new GTC 25 model.

GP 40

  • Excellent combination of being a robust, modular, ergonomic and safe machine.
  • Max. length of the platform:
    • 35.88 m in double-mast configurations
    • 13.44 m in single-mast configurations
  • Max. distance between struts: 12 m.
  • Max. work height using square masts. 150 m.
  • Max. load:
    • 4,500 kg in double-mast configurations
    • 2,300 kg in single-mast configurations

GTC 25

  • Efficiency and Security. Optimal equipment for the crane operator as well as the maintenance personnel.
  • Compact, simple and reliable.
  • Capacity for 2 people (250 kg) and an elevation speed of 22 m / min.
  • Versatile. Compatible with cranes from various manufacturers.

Without a doubt, JASO are clearly at the forefront with their product launches and they are reaffirmed as the leading equipment providers in terms of technicality, security and reliability. Visit us at stand FS1003/8!


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