JASO cranes: part of the Australian capital's skyline

19 June 2017

The construction company GEOCON has chosen our cranes for the urban development of Canberra

It is already very common to see JASO cranes in Australia, as construction companies around the country are opting increasingly for the quality of our products. In fact, TITAN, our distributor, is today a clear benchmark in the tower cranes sector.

On this occasion, we want to highlight a project that GEOCON, the construction company whose hallmark is the construction of imposing buildings that offer a new standard of contemporary dwelling, is carrying out in the capital, Canberra.

A J600 and a J280PA are working shoulder to shoulder on this project. On the one hand, they are using a high-load capacity J600 and 80m crane jib, and on the other, a J280PA. It also has a high-load capacity but when taken out of service it does not overfly more than 21m, thus avoiding interference with buildings close to the jobsite itself.

JASO cranes are also becoming a benchmark in the Australian market thanks to the fantastic performance of the JASO-TITAN twin hoist. Undoubtedly, the quality of JASO cranes, the ability to adapt to the local market and the excellent service and professionalism of TITAN are the secret.

At JASO Tower Cranes, we are passionate about working with the leading companies, as they help us improve the quality of our products and services.



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