Assembly, dismantling and project assistance

We offer skilled and most knowledgeable tower cranes specialists that ensures the best possible service. Thanks to our global network of distributors, we provide fast, efficient and personalised service to customers worldwide.


Our tower crane technicians are highly trained and have years of experience that solve field challenges as they occur. We adapt our cranes and their assembly to meet prevailing regulations and job site conditions. We designed our cranes for a quick mobilization to the site and fast assembly, highest level of safety and ease of operation.


We offer on-site preventive maintenance plans so that our cranes will perform at highest levels, during operation. In addition, we schedule routine crane repairs, crane maintenance and inspections to minimize downtime and optimize production. Thanks to our worldwide presence, our customer has easy access to our fast, efficient and personalised crane service.


Dismantling a crane requires technical knowledge of the crane and JASO extends its experience to its distributors and the final customers as requested. It is important to address the dismantling from the start of the project planning process to obtain the best results. We offer our technicians to all those that would like our assistance anywhere in the world. In addition we can provide specific solutions to recover internal climbing cranes.


How can we help you? Contact the JASO Tower Cranes team to learn more about our products and services.