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The key to good After-Sales Service

24 September 2015

"Working closely with our customer is our priority." - Joseba Basarte

"Joseba Basarte, Director of the Technical After-Sales Service talks about the key aspects to offer a reputable Technical After-Sales Service in the tower cranes market.

What do tower crane customers want?

In addition to reliable tower cranes, customers look for good after-sales service they can trust. We are talking about technical assistance, quality, professional, fast, and effective technical support. At JASO Tower Cranes, we have worked, we are working and we will work hard to stand side-by-side our customers and always provide them with the best solution.

"Working closely with our customer is our priority."

What is the key to good service?

Working closely together with the client!! Our engineers put themselves in the customer’s shoes and this helps them understand their problems and offer solutions that work. The best solutions are supplied when this has been put into practice. At JASO Tower Cranes, we rely on a team of engineers that are always on hand to offer the best solution"


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