New JASO Tower Cranes Integrated Policy

04 September 2019

We have updated our Integrated Policy on quality, health & safety and environment.

JASO Equipos de Obras y Construcciones, S.L. is an industrial and services company that designs and develops “comprehensive solutions” in the field of on-site elevation machinery for the international market.

Based on its innovative capacity and ability to provide a personalised service to its customers' demands, in addition to the quality and excellence of its management, Jaso seeks to position itself among the worldwide market leaders of "global solutions" in the field of elevation machinery.

Our goal is to offer the best quality in products and services to our customers and to seek the satisfaction of shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders by practicing the following values:

  • Dynamism, ambition to achieve success.
  • Commitment to the company's objectives.
  • Professionalism, understood as the constant search for the improvement in technical knowledge, the capacity for teamwork and contribution to the company, and the “pride in a job well done”.
  • Honesty, trust, transparency in both internal and external relationships.

We are therefore committed to:

  • Complying with all the directives relevant to the products and the applicable legislation, related both to the safety and health of the workers, as well as to the quality of the services provided and environmental and energy aspects derived from our activity, collaborating with the official agencies in charge of their supervision and development.
  • Providing, alongside our customers and employees, a safe and healthy working environment, preventing potential occupational injuries and illnesses that may cause the deterioration of the health of our workers and subcontractors, as well as potential damage to the environment.
  • Developing a preventive activity aimed at avoiding risks and assessing those that could not be eliminated by acting on the origin and placing collective protection ahead of the individual.
  • Establishing and periodically reviewing the achievement of objectives and providing the necessary technical and human resources for the correct implementation and maintenance of the Management Systems.
  • Developing a favourable framework for labour relations based on equal opportunities and non- discrimination by promoting consultation and participation of workers and their legal representatives.
  • Preventing, minimising and, as far as possible, eliminating pollution and disturbances that adversely affect the surrounding environment, considering the fight against climate change, with the search for savings, energy efficiency, and minimisation of waste.
  • Carrying out transparent management while promoting communication and teamwork to achieve the objectives and continuous improvement of the organisation.


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