More than 30 years in Mexico

01 May 2018

Having partners such as Espamex has helped us to position ourselves as leaders in Mexico’s tower crane sector

Espamex, our distributor in Mexico for more than 30 years now, has played a key role in our expansion strategy on the American continent. They have more than 420 cranes, thereby providing the widest range of cranes in this market, among which are the J560—the largest crane in Mexico—and the J380PA which, aside from having the advantages of a luffing jib, is the crane that offers the maximum load capacity in the country.

The experience Espamex has gained over the years while taking part in thousands of different projects has led to its leadership of the tower crane market and its involvement in the country’s major projects. Of particular note among these are the KOI Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Mexico—where the J140 was dismantled from a height of 300 m just a few weeks ago—, and Chapultepec Uno, which will become one of the tallest skyscrapers in Mexico City, where a J380PA is in place. This, together with the J168HPA of the Sofitel project, are lit at night with the colors of the Mexican flag, becoming an emblem of construction in Mexico. Another of the most important works at present in terms of its height and its scope is the real estate project Mitikah, where 9 cranes are currently in operation, among which the J190 and the J115 stand out; both will rise to a height of 280 m.

Due to the continued growth of Espamex in particular and our distributors in general, we have been able to consolidate our cranes’ position among the very best in the sector.

Thank you Espamex!


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