J700, J215 and J1920DC, the new cranes by JASO

25 October 2017

At JASO we are continuing to develop new models and so far this year we have already added three new cranes to our extensive range

In line with the company's growth targets, we are maintaining our commitment to development with the addition of new models enabling us to respond to market demand. To date, 3 cranes have been added to the Top Line (H), Top Line (T) and Derrick Cranes (DC) families.


This crane improves the features that up until now were offered by the J600.24.A. In addition to having a greater load capacity at the end of an 80m jib, the new J700 is capable of loading approximately 15% more with intermediate jibs.


This is a crane with a maximum load capacity of 10t and 2.5t at the end of the jib. With this new crane, which is part of the Top Line family, the company presents a model to respond to the needs of the global market.


This new Derrick has a maximum reach of 19m and a maximum load capacity of 4t. an evolution from the existing J1540DC, which has now  become more versatile.  

For this year 2017, JASO is preparing the official launch of the J780PA, the largest crane ever made by the company to date. We will keep you informed about the launch of this colossal luffing jib crane.


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