Our new Tower Crane Presentation Brochure, Now Available in Digital Format

04 May 2022

Download our latest JASO Tower crane presentation brochure, which shows our updated portfolio of tower cranes.

If you want to have a look at our range of products in an effortless, easy and intuitive way, we bring you our latest tower crane brochure in digital format.

The brochure has been updated to give you information about the recent reformulation of our product series and families —each series defines one of the characteristics of the crane. Our goal: to make our portfolio simpler and more comprehensible than ever.

The new JASO Tower Cranes families are now defined as:

  • High Top, which includes the models of the former City Cranes range.
  • Flat Top, a series that we recently inaugurated with the launch of the J200.10 and J200.12 models.
  • Low Top, which includes models from the H series of the former Top Line range
  • Luffing
  • Hydraulic Luffing
  • Recovery Crane & Derricks

Furthermore in this latest JASO brochure you will find information about the most important projects in which we have participated, our specific crane models for prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC), the elevation solutions developed by JASO Elevation Systems and features and benefits of the Smartlink system.

In short, an essential brochure for JASO Tower Cranes users.



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