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ConExpo 2023: Novelties for the North American Market

14 February 2023

We’ll showcase our J1920.DC Derrick crane and talk about our success story regarding the J780PA.60, manufactured for the US Coast Guard yard in Baltimore.

ConExpo 2023 is around the corner. And from JASO Tower Cranes we have some big news to share with you at the largest construction show in North America. So, if you’re going to attend this event, don’t miss the chance to meet our team at booth F9308 (Festival Grounds).

First of all, this year we are going to bring our awesome J1920.DC with us, a unique and bespoken Derrick crane launched just a few years back and employed on rigging jobs in New York, California and Florida. This will be the perfect occasion to learn more about this crane, which has a maximum reach of 62 ft and a maximum load capacity of 8,800 lb. 

Moreover, KHL ACT highlighted our latest arrival to the US market, the mighty J780PA.60, delivered to the US Coast Guard yard in Baltimore last spring. At ConExpo we will be delighted to present some highlights of our biggest luffing crane, which has a maximum reach of 230 ft, a maximum tip load of 13,200 lb and a maximum load of 132,300 lb: 

  • Tailor-made Crane Diagnose system, fully developed in-house.
  • Fly jib with a capacity of 20,000 pounds.
  • The SMARTLINK Industry 4.0 system, our cloud-based crane monitoring system, allows the user to remotely monitor the crane and receive an analysis of the use of the cranes.
  • The ECO Mode system for energy saving, an innovative system that reduces the energy consumption of the lifting mechanism without penalizing the load capacity.

We will also introduce our two latest launches to the American market, that we already presented at bauma. Both cranes are optimized for transport and assembly, and feature the ECO Mode system, which helps save energy and reduces the carbon footprint:

  • The J390 is a Low Top crane with a maximum load of 52,900 lb and a tip load of 8,400 lb for a maximum outreach of 246 ft  —this length can be increased in 17-feet sections. It has versatile load chart options and among its features we can highlight a 50.19-feet swing radius, lay flat counterweights and a maximum free standing height of 267 feet with a 7.08-feet tower system.
  • The J235.12 is a Flat Top crane with a maximum load of 26,500 lb and a tip load of 5,700 lb. Its boom length, from 99 ft to 213 ft, can be increased in 17-feet sections. It stands out for its 49-feet swing radius, lay flat counterweights, 184-feet free standing height with a 5.74-feet tower system and its high-performance mechanism, with a maximum of 738 f/min (65kW).

In addition, we will present our GW Wind Turbine Service Lift, driven by a double pinion rack system and fully certified for the US market (UL US LISTED + ASME A17.8-2016 / CSA B44.8-16). This lift was designed to meet the strict installation and maintenance needs of wind farms, with the aim of transporting operators safely and efficiently, allowing an easy and quick evacuation thanks to its ergonometric design.

And last but not least, at ConExpo we’ll have the chance to show you our new North American JASO Catalogue, with specific models for the US and Canada markets. 

Does all this sound interesting to you? Then get in touch with us and drop by stand F9308 (Festival Grounds) from 14 to 18 March. We are looking forward to meeting with you! 


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