Mexico's Most Emblematic Buildings Built With JASO

AGWA BOSQUES is a new tier one residential complex made up of four towers, built with three J46NS, one J36MAC and one J150.10.


Our cranes continue to build Mexico’s most iconic architectural projects being the MÍTIKAH, HELEA, KOI, and OBISPADO Towers, the FELIPE ÁNGELES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT... And now, the Club Residential Agwa Bosques. This is a new luxury complex located in a strategic place in Mexico City, consisting of four multi-use towers (which differ in height) and will be used as flats, commercial and recreational areas and to house more than 30 services.

This urban complex, carried out by the developer DEL PARQUE, consists of two 180-metre-high towers, which have already completed, and currently under construction are the other two towers that will reach a height of 30 and 50 metres, respectively.


Five cranes were supplied through ESPAMEX, the JASO sole distributor in Mexico, throughout the different stages of the project: these consisted of one J46NS for each 180-metre tower and for the other two buildings, basements, and horizontal support, a J46NS, a J36MAC and a J150.10.

The J46NS, with a capacity of 4-tonnes and a maximum reach of 47 metres, as well as the J36MAC, with a maximum load of 2-tonnes and a boom length of 35 metres, belong to the smaller city cranes in our High Top range. Also, a J150.10, with 10-tonne capacity and a 65-metre jib, also from the High Top range, were utilised.

All units are highly versatile cranes with standard systems that can reach impressive self-supporting heights by combining different tower sections.