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Introducing the J638PA Luffing Crane: Elevating Construction Excellence


2 / 05 / 2024

Following our commitment to innovation, we introduce a new Luffing model, the J638PA, a state-of-the-art tower crane, developed in collaboration with our partners and featuring JASO Optimus Line technology, ready to redefine the standards of performance and efficiency in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Oceania.

Unmatched Specifications

The J638PA boasts an impressive maximum reach of 65 meters (213 ft), providing construction teams with greater flexibility and access to heights. With a robust maximum load capacity of 32 tons (64000 lb) and a maximum tip load of 7.2 tons (15800 lb) at its full reach, this crane is engineered to handle the most demanding projects with ease.

Innovative Technology

Equipped with JASO Optimus Line technology, the J638PA Luffing Crane represents a leap forward in crane design and functionality. This advanced technology ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and safety, making it an indispensable asset for construction projects of all scales.

Collaborative Excellence

Developed in collaboration with our partners, the J638PA is the result of shared expertise and a collective commitment to overcoming challenges. Addressing technical, commercial, construction, logistical, safety and environmental considerations, this crane stands as a versatile, sustainable and technologically advanced solution.


Environmental Stewardship

The J638PA Luffing Crane is designed with a strong focus on environmental responsibility. Its efficient operation and sustainable features align with JASO’s dedication to minimizing environmental impact